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Atzi and Bri

 Human Partner:Atzi

Animal: Hummingbird

Category: Atmospheric


Is capable of producing and controling wind, rain, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity and many other weather patterns.


Has great empathy and is remarkably tactful. Her way of being us so nice that it opens doors for her in any place or situation.

She scares easily when faced with extreme or dangerouse circumstances, and then she hide on Atzi breast, which makes atzi hurts by her pointy beak pekking her breasts. which is why she must always be in the company of another Brije. She is so noble and kind that it is hard for her to use physical force even when necessary. The destruction of nature drives her completely out of her wits.  

Relationship with othersEdit

She is an incurable flirt, very tender, and mellow. Behaviors thaydrive Atzi crazy because they are exactly the opposite of hers, a fact that makes their relationship a more complex one. And she kinda like to hide on between Atzi breast so often. Feel warm and tender like herself. 

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==Triva bri can make a tiny storm cloud==